Happy New Year!

So it is 2014 today and I am off shortly to my first client visit of the year. Originally he wanted to meet yesterday, but I said…”You know its New Years Day right?” So we rescheduled for today. It is great to get back at things and I am looking forward to the year.

My primary business goal for the year is to exit the year with a full client roster. That is 12 months from now, but I am going to continue my focus on three avenues.

First, on networking. I am a member of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and of Partner 4 Leads. I find all kinds of interesting folks to meet and help through those groups and through Santa Rosa Connections. My second focus is on partnerships. I plan to lead with our FocalPoint Finance product there to CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Business Brokers, and Commercial Bankers. This should provide a good basis to start a relationship with. Third is here with my on-line presence. My goal here is to provide content and value to anyone who is interested.

That last bit is where I begin. My goal is to bring value to my partners at the start of the relationship. Whether this is with free coaching sessions or workshops, I do what I can to help folks. My goal is to align myself with those who reciprocate. If any of that makes sense to you, feel free to contact me!

On the family side, I have 2 goals. My son has finished all his cooking classes at the SRJC Culinary School. I want to help him start his career in the profession. I also want to visit my family in New York, as my nephew is getting married this year.

On a personal basis, I have the goal of losing 12 pounds this year. I need to refocus on my diet and make sure that I am eating the right things.

Now, I have detail behind these goals to measure my progress against them. I hope you have at least business goals written for the year and have a plan to execute against them. If you don’t then give me a jingle!

Jim Sackman
FocalPoint Business Coaching
We Focus On Your Business – Time, Team, Money, Exit
Business Coaching, Sales Training, Web Marketing, Behavioral Assessments, Financial Analysis


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